KeychainCheck 1.0: a little tool to check user keychains

Keychain problems in recent versions of OS X / macOS seem to have been plaguing many users. Having recently explored some of the Terminal commands which can be used to inspect the user keychains, I thought it might be useful to wrap some of them into a simple utility: KeychainCheck.

I regret that this only supports Sierra, and because of limitations in Apple’s Xcode SDK, I cannot see it being able to support El Capitan, at least for the present. It is also aimed primarily at those using local keychains, rather than keychains shared using iCloud. I have not tested it with shared keychains, and would be interested to know of the results which it reports.

The latest release is available from Downloads above.

What does it do?

Its three tests are:

  • it runs the command security list-keychains -d user to list all your user keychains. You may be surprised to learn of apps which have been secretly keeping their own keychains, but these should appear here too.
  • it runs the command security default-keychain -d user to identify your default login keychain, which should be at ~/Library/Keychains/login.keychain-db If it is not, you have a problem!
  • it runs security show-keychain-info on what should be your default login keychain, which shows whether it is set to be locked automatically or not.

It does not alter your keychains or settings in any way, and will never prompt you for your password.

I hope that you find it useful.

1 April 2017:

Updated to version 1.2.