A Console replacement for examining past logs in Sierra: LogLogger5b update

As you may read in another article, I have finally sorted out my developer signing certificate, and have now produced a signed version of my AppleScript app LogLogger. This is version 5b, which is identical to the previous version, 5a, in all other respects. However, when you first run it now, after downloading it from here, its signature should check out correctly with Gatekeeper, and you should not have to use the Finder’s Open command that first time.

If you have already been using the previous version, 5a, you should not notice any functional difference, and do not need to download this new version. However for new users or new Macs, it is recommended as it will spare you having to bypass Gatekeeper on its initial run. I have also amended its documentation to reflect this change.

An updated version, complete with documentation, is here: loglogger5d
or you can download it from my original article, which has been updated to reflect this change.

My plan now is to convert this AppleScript app into Swift, for a new Console replacement app named Consolation. I hope that this will be available early in the New Year.

9 January 2017:

I have replaced 5b with 5d, which should address the issues that some have reported with code signing. If you experience any problems with this version, simply select the app in the Finder and use the Finder’s Open command to run it the first time. Once it has run that first time, you should be able to use it normally. I apologise for any problems it may encounter with Gatekeeper, but its code is properly signed. I will be chasing up any further problems to resolve them.