Apple pushes silent protection updates

In the last day or so, Apple has pushed out three silent updates to the hidden security protection built into El Capitan.

Gatekeeper Configuration data has been updated yet again to version 102 as of 16 September. There are, as usual, no details as to what this might do.

XProtectPlistConfigData has been updated as of 17 September, although Apple has not incremented the version number, which remains at 1.0. This blocks the use of Adobe Flash Player prior to version (the current release), and adds two additional Safari extensions to the blacklist: com.shelfsick.safari and com.searchnt.safari. It also adds protection from Netwire A and Bundlore B malware.

The data used by El Capitan’s Malware Removal Tool, MRT, have been updated to bring that to version 1.10, as of 17 September. No further details are available as to what that brings.

I have, as ever, amended the details on my listing of these files which are updated silently.