Apple updates OS X Gatekeeper configuration

In the last day or so, Apple has pushed out silent updates to its Gatekeeper security system, bringing its Configuration Data to version 93, and to Core Suggestions, which is now at version 758.

Apple does not provide details of what has changed.

I have updated my article here listing their details.

You can check which versions are currently installed on your Mac by opening About This Mac in the Apple menu, clicking on System Report…, then selecting Installations at the left (under Software). To list installations by date, click twice on the header Install Date, and most recent installations will appear at the top of the list.

If they are not shown there and you want to force the updates, there are two methods which should do that: you can open the App Store pane, uncheck the Install system data files and security updates item, switch to another pane, then back to the App Store pane. Turn that item back on, then click on the Check Now button below.

That may not always work. If it does not, open Terminal and enter the following command from an admin user account:
sudo softwareupdate --background-critical
press Return, then at the prompt, enter your admin account password. Terminal will then report
softwareupdate[1587]: Triggering background check with forced scan (critical and config-data updates only) ...
and in the few minutes, the updates should be downloaded and installed.