GraphicConverter 10.0 is now available

The App Store is an excellent way of getting minor updates to purchased apps, but fails to address the detection of major (paid-for) updates.

I think that I have used (and paid for) each major release of GraphicConverter since it was first released as shareware in 1992. When it became available in the App Store, I switched to that release, for its ease of update delivery. Over those years it has handled all my routine image work, such as opening and converting unusual formats, simple cropping, and rescaling – particularly of images for this blog.

I don’t use it for processing my own photographic images, for which I am delighted with Affinity Photo, and formerly used Adobe Photoshop, for their workflow from raw file formats.

By chance, I happened to search the App Store just recently, and stumbled across GraphicConverter version 10, which was released through the store on 25 May. If you are still using version 9, you will almost certainly want to purchase this new version.

There is a huge list of new features and improvements, some 84 in total. Among the most notable are:

  • face detection, with its small faces database,
  • support for Picasa and MS Gallery xmp data for face rectangles and names,
  • a collage feature,
  • support for selecting layers of PDFs,
  • reverse animation,
  • auto rotation for small angle rotations to correct the horizon,
  • detection and conversion of Apple Live Photos to GIF animation,
  • extraction and assignment of MP4 cover art images,
  • APNG (Animated PNG) export,
  • basic BigTIFF import,
  • opening vCard (.vcf) images,
  • faster LZW TIFF export,
  • copy with soft edges improved.

However it has retained its lightweight footprint, and is as simple and quick to use as version 9. It costs £19.49.