Checking a Wi-Fi connection, in the UK

A new free app for iOS (and Android, if you must) is now available to check WiFi connections – in the UK at least.

Ofcom Wi-Fi Checker (App Store, free) runs two tests to determine the quality of WiFi connections, from iOS devices.

The first checks for the rate of data loss – packets which have to be sent again because the first time they were not received properly. The second looks at data delay, the additional network latency.

These are aimed at discovering problems beyond mere signal strength and the connection speed, which can degrade WiFi connections.

ofcomwifi1The app is simple to use: after its welcome screen, tap to run the tests. The two will then be run in sequence, and the results interpreted in broad terms. If there are problems detected, the app suggests what can be done to resolve them.

ofcomwifi2Those who want more technical detail, in terms of the percentage data loss and the data delay, can tap to view that.

ofcomwifi3Other apps – many – will measure the connection speed, but I have not seen any which looks at the connection quality in this way. If it is available in your local App Store, it is well worth installing and using. Thank you, Ofcom!