Mac, OS X and related articles: a summary

Over the last few months, I have been updating and posting here a large number of articles relating to Macs and their use. Most of these are based on pieces which I had written for MacUser magazine in the UK, but I have also written quite a lot of new content.

Although there are still more articles to come, I thought you might wish to know how much is now available. As of 20 August 2015, there were:

  • 67 user guides
  • 20 articles about text processing
  • 63 Q&A about hardware
  • 103 Q&A about software
  • 14 technical articles about hardware
  • 49 technical articles about software
  • 122 opinion pieces.

This probably makes this blog the largest non-commercial Mac site on the Internet – if you know of a larger one, let me know and I will stand corrected (and work harder!).

There are several ways in which you can access all that content. Articles are listed in date order if you click on the Macs item in the menu. The Mac problem-solving page breaks them down by class of article and subject. You can also use the Search tool on any page and enter keywords as search terms. Finally there is the tag list at the right of each page, for the most commonly-used tags.

I welcome fresh questions which I will answer personally, by email, and then post a summary here on the blog. Unless you particularly want to see your name here, I do not reveal your details. I also welcome ideas and suggestions. You can email me at h [dot] oakley [at] btconnect [dot] com.

I hope all these articles are helpful and interesting.