Objective-See TaskExplorer: see what’s good and bad

Patrick Wardle has just released his latest free Mac security tool, TaskExplorer 1.0.0.

As a beta-tester, I have already been able to learn how valuable it is in inspecting all the tasks currently running on a Mac, together with details of the dylibs which they are using, the files that they have open, and any network connections. As a means of checking whether anything suspicious is running, and getting VirusTotal scores for all open tasks and dylibs, it is unique.

taskexplorer2Even if you don’t like the idea of apps blocking what they deem to be suspicious events, TaskExplorer gives you the ability to check out what is going on, and what looks suspicious.

Thank you, Patrick, for another superb tool to help keep us safe, and better informed about what is on our Macs.