Q&A: Mystery file in IcyBlaze

Q I recently stumbled across a mystery file named icyreginfo.rcdb tucked away in an invisible folder named IcyBlaze in the /Users/Shared folder, but am unsure whether it is safe to trash it, or if it might be malicious. What is it from?

A This file, hidden from view in its invisible folder, turns out to be the registration information for iDocument, from IcyBlaze.

It is thus not in the least bit malicious, and if you have a registered copy of iDocument installed, then you should not move or remove it. This is not a friendly way of storing registration information, as it would be very easy to omit backing that registration information up, leaving you to have to re-enter details following a restore. It is also unlikely to be moved across by Migration Manager when upgrading your Mac.

Comments It does not appear to have been effective in combating piracy of the application, as details have already been posted to several websites.

Updated from the original, which was first published in MacUser volume 27 issue 6, 2011.