Guess what I’ve got?

Why do those who make the law lack even the merest whiff of common sense?

I went into the newsagent and tobacconist today, and asked for my usual tobacco.

“Sorry, I’m out of stock” I was told.

“What tobacco have you got, then?”

“I cannot tell you. You have to ask me, and I can tell you if I’ve got it” was his response.

“So it’s a guessing game, then?”

“Yes, under the law I cannot show or tell you what tobacco products I have. You have to ask for them.” He kept a straight face, clearly from having to repeat this over and over again to his potential customers.

Not having the time or patience, I walked out, crossed the road, and found a shop which did have the tobacco that I wanted.

Does anyone seriously think that this farcical procedure achieves anything other than pissing everyone off? What if there had been a long queue in the newsagent’s and I had to spend several minutes before I guessed right?

Perhaps our esteemed law-makers assume that I would have been lynched before I guessed right, and that would have been another smoker dead due to tobacco-related illness. Presumably when they want to buy some tobacco, they send a member of their staff out to play this absurd guessing game.