Tick, tock

If the last few months have been excruciating, the next few hours are going to be even worse.

We all know – or think that we know – that Apple is about to release final details on pricing, availability, and features of the Apple Watch. And every news and comment medium is agog with articles about what others think that we are about to hear.

Then in the hours and days following the announcement, it will be rewarmed, raked over, and served back to us in various forms, until we have either bought one, or entrenched our pre-formed view. Speak in favour and you will be flamed as a fanboy. Speak against and you will make Luddites look enlightened.

Rather than riding on this tsunami of free PR for Apple, all I will say is that I am very impressed with the way that, by releasing as little as possible, Apple has manipulated the world’s media to its own best advantage. Who could not want an Apple Watch now, even if they were to reveal that it ran on clockwork?