silnite 6 is fully compatible with M1 Macs and Monterey

Not long after I released the first version of my utility SilentKnight, I was asked if I would create a command tool version of it. Although I didn’t think there would be much call for it, silnite, as it’s named, has proved almost as popular as its parent app.

For the last year or so, I’m aware that silnite 5 wasn’t keeping pace with changes. Checking the first M1 Macs sort of worked, but nowhere near as well as in SilentKnight. Monterey was its undoing, and by this time silnite was in need of major surgery to fix bugs and work properly with all that has happened over the last year or more.

silnite version 6 has, at last, had that major overhaul, and extends its JSONised Property List fields to cover over 40 different results, including details of Secure Boot and the SSV on models that support that information. As with previous versions, command line options determine how many settings are reported, whether it checks for updates, and whether its results are returned as a JSONised Property List or lines of plain text. I hope this makes silnite of much greater and more widespread use to anyone who wants to perform these checks using a command rather than a GUI app.

silnite version 6 is now available from here: silnite6a
from Downloads above, and from its Product Page.

It is of course notarized and a universal binary, and should run on all versions of macOS from El Capitan to Monterey. This Installer package has now been updated with my new certificate which expires in five years, and has been notarized again. If you experience any problems installing or running it, please let me know soonest.