Cirrus & Bailiff

Cirrus – takes control of iCloud, investigates and diagnoses its problems

Cirrus has four main functions. It can download and evict (from local storage) items stored in iCloud so that you can manage them properly. It provides full details about files and folders held in iCloud. It performs a test file upload, which can help unstick pending uploads. It also provides specialised access to iCloud-related log activity. New iCloud Browser gets info straight from iCloud, works with Desktop & Documents Folders option, saves detailed reports, and runs on El Capitan too (except log feature). New version supports changing text size in views, and auto-update feature.
Cirrus 1.5 (El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

Bailiff – menubar control over whether iCloud documents are kept in local storage

Bailiff is a simple menubar app which lets you evict iCloud files and folders from local storage, or download them when you want. Saves your Mac’s startup disk from getting cluttered with files you don’t want or use. Update looks much better in Dark Mode, and helps you through Mojave’s privacy controls.
Bailiff 1.3 (El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

Known issues:

Cirrus must be run as an admin user if you wish to use its log browser window. This is because obtaining log extracts uses the log show command, which only works reliably when run as a admin user.

Support Page:

Cirrus & Bailiff