About this blog

As the site name suggests, this is an eclectic mix of postings intended to bring some light into the mind of the reader.

I do not promise a schedule, but I will try to post as often as I think worthwhile, and in response to demand: if you visit often, then I will endeavour to make it worth your while by providing new content.

Running a blog is a bit like keeping an open-hearth fire going. You start with kindling, and work hard to get it going in the first instance. It requires a lot of attention then, until the fire reaches the steady heat of maturity. I think that we are starting to reach that maturity at last, but will continue to devote attention lest the flames flicker out.

In addition to articles about matters that interest me, and hopefully you too, I also aim to post timely items about important updates and related issues. Although this is not an update aggregator, these are news items that most Mac owners should know about fairly swiftly, and I will try to ensure that you know here.

You can follow news about this blog on Twitter @howardnoakley, on Facebook, or via RSS news feed, or of course by dropping by whenever you have a moment. Unfortunately Facebook status notifications are the least reliable of these, and you should find Twitter or the news feed preferable.

My first post here was on 17 January 2015. By the end of that month, I had posted 39 pages, rising to 72 on 16 February when the blog was just a month old. After just three months there were 226 articles and 3 contents pages, and at six months 559 articles and 4 pages in all. During that six month period the site had over 22,700 ‘hits’ from more than 6,400 visitors.

Sixteen months after its start, there are now over 1,520 articles, which have been viewed more than 162,000 times by nearly 67,000 visitors. In a typical month now, 18,000-20,000 pages are viewed by more than 8,000 visitors. This blog has been visited by people from almost every country in the world, and I welcome you all.

A lot of advice about blogs is not to spread across too many topics. I am afraid that is the way that I am: criticise me for being a dilettante, or praise me for being a polymath, as you wish. I hope that you too will enjoy its diversity, as much as I enjoy writing about diverse topics.

To help you navigate this eclecticism, there are two different tools in the menus:

  • The main menu items take you to articles in that particular category, such as Macs, Painting, or Language;
  • There are three contents pages in which I maintain listings of articles by topic; these cover Mac problem-solving, Painting topics, and English language topics.

There are a lot of Mac articles, particularly Questions & Answers (Q&A): as of 16 October 2015, there were:

  • 73 user guides
  • 20 articles about text processing
  • 48 features on security, servers, SDR, etc.
  • 94 Q&A about hardware
  • 179 Q&A about software
  • 17 technical articles about hardware
  • 58 technical articles about software
  • 146 opinion pieces.

They have continued to grow in number since, making this blog probably the largest non-commercial Mac site on the Internet – if you know of a larger one, let me know and I will stand corrected (and work harder!).

In the Painting section, you will find unique resources on:

  • Impressionism beyond the ‘inner circle’, particularly outside France
  • a series about Impressionists who painted in series
  • a series about the history of pigments and how they may have influenced style
  • a series about the ‘Westernisation’ of painting in Japan
  • a series on visions in landscape painting
  • a series on the depiction of trees in landscape painting
  • colour
  • the largest collection anywhere of articles and other resources about telling (and reading) stories in paintings, photographs, and other visual art.

There are also the usual tag lists, and a search facility. If you would like additional help with navigation, please let me know.

Please respect intellectual property rights, and the rules of the WordPress host. I will try to give the most accurate attributions for material that I quote or use here; for most paintings which are out of copyright, these will be obtained from WikiArt, to whom I extend my thanks and appreciation for the effort involved in developing such a superb resource, and of course to the indispensible Wikimedia Commons. My own paintings and writing remains © EHN & DIJ Oakley. If you wish to use any beyond ‘fair use’, please contact me so that we can agree how it is best used. I do appreciate being properly credited.

If you see anything here, words or images, which you do not think is properly attributed and credited, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can correct that.

This site is not sponsored, nor does it force you to suffer advertising or commercial overhead. I do not seek donations, but welcome your spreading ‘likes’ and appreciation. Where you think that I am wrong, or wish to discuss any points, please feel free. But always remain as polite with me (and others) as I am with you, and please do not try to subvert this blog as a platform for bigotry. We are all humans, friends and colleagues in lives which are quite stressful and challenging enough without making it any more unpleasant.

I always welcome commissions and invitations to write, paint, or contribute: just email me at h [dot] oakley [at] btconnect [dot] com.

Thank you for viewing.

Howard Oakley.