You may notice something odd with the latest version of iMovie

If you’ve recently updated iMovie to version 10.2.3 through the App Store, you may have noticed something odd in your Profiles pane, in System Preferences. If you don’t have any profiles installed, you won’t see this pane, but chances are that it’s now there, and contains a Provisioning Profile for that latest version of iMovie.


Take a look inside the iMovie app itself, and you’ll notice a file which isn’t normally present in apps, named embedded.provisionprofile. Its QuickLook thumbnail shows a long list of entitlements and other information about that version of iMovie.


The profile and stray file shouldn’t be there, of course. These are normally used between developers and the App Store publishing process, and should be stripped out before the app is made available to the public. There’s no security or other issue here, and iMovie should still work perfectly well.

If you want to tidy this up, you can select the profile at the left of the Profiles pane and click on the – tool underneath to remove the profile. You’ll then be warned that this could prevent the app from running (it doesn’t), and then to authenticate for the removal. The profile will remain in the app, but it should vanish from the pane, and if you don’t have any other profiles installed, the whole pane will disappear again.

I’m very grateful to Jennifer for reporting this little quirk.