T2M2 version 1.14 is more forgiving

Version 1.14 of my popular free diagnostic utility for Time Machine backups has only one relatively small change, but I think that many will appreciate it.

Previous versions have required you to press the Tab or Enter key after manually editing the period which it will check. This version no longer requires that: just type in the number of hours you want checked, and click on either the Check Time Machine or Check Speed buttons as you wish. There is a small price to pay for this, though. If you manually edit that number and then click on the stepper control, you’re likely to see a number which is out of sequence, as it’s still based on what the stepper thinks the number is. I am looking at fixing this in the future, but thought this added convenience might be welcome.

T2M2 version 1.14 is available from here: t2m2114
from Downloads above, from its Product Page, and via its auto-update mechanism.

Thanks to @isaiah for kicking me (gently) about this fix.