Don’t apply High Sierra or Sierra Security Updates 2019-004 – Apple has pulled them both – WITHDRAWN

Apple has now released fixed versions of the two Security Updates – see this article for full details.

Apple has pulled the High Sierra and Sierra Security Updates 2019-004 today as a result of numerous users suffering problems when their updated Macs go to sleep. These have been reported particularly in recent MacBook Pro models, such as the 15-inch 2017/2018.

Users are reporting that putting an affected MacBook Pro to sleep, such as by closing its lid, causes it to suffer a kernel panic and reboot. The only solution to this, other than preventing it from going to sleep, is to shut the Mac down instead. Which isn’t what you bought a MacBook Pro for, exactly.

If your Mac is affected by this, you should contact Apple Support, who by now should now what’s going on, and when the fix is coming.

The standalone installers for these have now been withdrawn, their previous pages returning 404 errors.

Mojave 10.14.6 Combo and Delta updates remain available, and now appear ‘safe’ to install.

Thanks to Jeff Johnson @lapcatsoftware for the alert, and to Al Varnell for reporting that Sierra and BridgeOS are also affected.

(Updated 2110 UTC 29 July.)