Mojave’s mixed-up Finder: Accents, Highlights, and confusion

Ten days ago, I was accused in a comment here of posting details of an “alleged bug” as “click bait”. The bug affects Mojave’s new Accents, in the General pane. It actually transpires that the bug I described there is only part of a bigger problem: Mojave’s Accents and highlights have fallen into complete disarray.

Since looking at that odd issue with the grey Accent, Finder on my iMac Pro running 10.14.3 just hasn’t been right. Different parts of the Finder seem to be doing their own thing with colours, and only very loosely respecting the settings in the General pane.


Here, for example, there are three different colours being used for highlighting: at the left, the orange that I have selected as my Highlight colour. In the menu items, purple, and in the menubar itself blue. I can’t understand how macOS is using three colours when I can only set two.


And the colours I had set for that screenshot are shown clearly here: the Accent is blue, and Highlight orange. Yet someone somwhere thinks that menu items should be selected in purple.

I hadn’t been playing with grey Accents for over a week, indeed haven’t touched the settings in the General pane for several days. To get rid of the third unwanted colour, I had to switch the Accent to purple, then back to blue again.

Then, just when I thought highlights, accents and selections were back to two colours, I selected a file name.


The purple hasn’t gone at all, but is just lying in wait. It’s going to come bursting back, like a fire reigniting.

Why? Is this Sir Jony Ive’s revenge?