Want more from your Rich Text editor? Here’s DelightEd 1.0

I’m DelightEd version 1.0 release.

DelightEd is a full-featured but uncluttered Rich Text editor with some unique features. For many Mac users, it should prove your RTF editor of choice.


It works beautifully in Light Mode, with live word and character counts at the foot of the window. The word count is obtained from its spell checker, which counts compounds like com.apple.TimeMachine and URLs as single words. By default, spell checking is turned off, so you won’t suffer lots of irritating underlinings unless you choose to.


Support for appearances in Mojave is where it really comes into its own. It features a full Dark Mode, unlike most other Rich Text editors which blind you with their fixed white backgrounds.


It also offers two lower-contrast modes which some find preferable to the normal extreme black and white.


You can switch the whole app into whichever mode you prefer, irrespective of system settings. It doesn’t have a large and complex set of preferences: instead, just set the font and size you want as the default for new windows, and use the Save Defaults command.


Not only can you switch the whole app between Light and Dark modes whenever you wish, but individual windows can be switched instantly. This makes it much quicker and easier to check that your documents render correctly in each mode, and to take screenshots.


Editing commands make it easy to paste in styled text from other editors, like TextEdit or word processors, without upsetting DelightEd’s special dual-mode text, using Paste and Match Style. You can also create and maintain links embedded in your text.

Most Rich Text editors don’t support text which looks good in both Light and Dark modes (‘bi-modal text’). DelightEd comes with this built into every document you produce. To help remove text colouring which can break that, the Endarken command sets all your text in bi-modal form, and Enlighten replaces bi-modal colouring with plain, fixed black just like TextEdit.


DelightEd supports sophisticated style libraries which preserve bi-modal properties, and comes with a crafted property list to help even TextEdit work better in Mojave.


It also has its own Help window which explains all these valuable features.

DelightEd is ideal for developers who wish to create bi-modal styled text to paste into an NSTextView, anyone who needs to create Rich Text which displays correctly in both modes, and everyone who writes in Rich Text.

It’s free, runs on Sierra and later (although Dark Mode features are only available in Mojave), is notarized for your added security, and available from here: DelightEd10
and from Downloads above.