DelightEd now has continuous word and character counts and help

This new version of my free Rich Text editor DelightEd adds two significant new features: it now provides a live word and character count for the document in each open window, and has simple Help.


At the foot of each document window is a new, shallow bar in which DelightEd displays the word and character count of that document. This is updated as you edit the document.

The word count uses the built-in spell checker to count the number of words. It therefore counts dot- and hyphen- separated text as single words, as are URLs. The character counter totals all characters including white space and line endings. These should both keep pace with your typing, even if you are writing David Copperfield, with its 357,048 words and nearly two million characters.


The Help book is a single page set in Rich Text using DelightEd, so that it will change appearance mode when the app does. It summarises the features and use of DelightEd, assuming that you already understand how to use those controls which are common to TextEdit. Although its contents aren’t editable, you can select them all, copy, and paste into another document if you wish.

TextEdit’s current Help information isn’t particularly detailed, and at some time in the future I intend writing a fuller manual which I will include with DelightEd.

This version is the first candidate for final release. If you discover any bugs, weaknesses, or want any additional features, now is the time to say so in a comment below, please.

DelightEd 1.0b7 is available from here: DelightEd10b7
and from Downloads above.