DelightEd, the most flexible Rich Text editor, supports links and more

My free Rich Text (RTF) editor DelightEd is now available in a new version, 1.0b6, which adds support for embedding URL links in its text, and improves its existing features for changing text colours to work better with Dark as well as Light mode.


By popular request, you can now select some of its text and paste into that a link to a URL. The linked text is then coloured blue and underlined, in accordance with convention. Clicking on that text then opens the URL in your default browser.


Select that linked text and bring up the contextual menu, for example using Control-click, and there are four commands to modify that link. If you select the Edit Link… command, an editing panel drops down, allowing you to change or remove the linked URL.


The special Endarken and Enlighten commands, which perform global changes in text colour to add or remove support for colour switching when you switch appearance mode, now work properly, and don’t change font or other style settings. Furthermore, they don’t affect embedded links or the styling of linked text.

One requested feature still eludes me, though: I’m afraid that DelightEd’s Rich Text still uses standard linefeed (hex 0A) characters; I haven’t been able to replace those with carriage returns yet.

This new version, with a brand new ReadMe file written using DelightEd, is available from here: DelightEd10b6
and from Downloads above.

This is the final call for any other features or fixes which you would like included in its first release version. Please add them as comments below, or by email to me, as I would like to progress this to final release in the coming days.