SearchKey can now add metadata to batches of files and folders

This second test version of SearchKey completes its major features with the ability to add metadata to large batches of files (and folders).

Changes include:

  • SearchKey now has two ‘modes’: it can edit the five extended attributes of individual files/folders, and it can set/change them for folders full of files and folders.
  • It now copes properly with characters which have special meaning in XML, such as &, <, and >.
  • It can now remove extended attributes altogether, rather than just setting their contents to an empty string.


I envisage two main roles for this app.

The first is to set creator and copyright information, for instance, throughout a hierarchy of files. You might have a large library of images, audio, movies, or whatever, and want to mark all of them with the same information. This is now extremely quick and simple to achieve.

The second is to attach individual metadata, such as keywords, on specific files, to improve local Spotlight search. Although you need to do this one file at a time, SearchKey gives ready access.

This version should be fully compatible with El Capitan, Sierra, and High Sierra, and with both HFS+ and new APFS file systems.

It is available from here: searchkey02a1
and from Downloads above.